Australia is known for its friendly people, gorgeous beaches, and delicious food. It’s not only a country, but it’s a continent. It’s also known for the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, a vast interior desert called the Outback, as well as unique animal species such as the duck-billed platypuses and kangaroos. If you have never seen these animals, then be prepared to fall in love!

Western Australia is unique because it covers a third of the western part of the country making it one of the biggest states in the world, actually the second largest country subdivision in the world. The first, being Russia’s, Sakha Republic. You will find the Indian Ocean to the north and west and the Southern Ocean to the south. Gorgeous! Karratha is a lovely city in Western Australia, come and visit us!

Karratha Accommodation in all its Beauty

Karratha accommodation is tranquil because it is somewhat isolated, about 1,535 kilometres north of Perth and 241 kilometres west of Port Hedland.

The location of Karratha is in the Pilbara region of Western Australia has so much to offer its visitors. Established in 1968 Karratha is located on flat land adjacent to Nickol Bay with tidal salt flats and areas of mangrove between the town the sea. Nickol Bay opens out to the Indian Ocean. To the south of the city, there is a line of low hills.

For those of you that love sports Karratha accommodation and sports include the following-

• Australian rules football
• Rugby
• Soccer
• Cricket

No need to worry about rain here, as we don’t get rain often. Karratha’s climate is semi-arid and nearly a desert climate but not quiet. Bring summer clothing, which is easy to pack, another great thing about coming here!

Fun Attractions and Things to Do

• Cossack Heritage Trail for scenic walking areas and ghost towns
• Hearson’s Cove, between Karratha and Dampier. One of the most beautiful beaches in this region with lovely title flats filled with exciting creatures
• Helicopter and air tours
• Karratha Public Library
• Karratha Visitor Centre
• Millstream-Chichester National Park
• Red Earth Arts Precinct
• Scuba and snorkelling tours
• Shopping
• Staircase to the moon (natural phenomenon on full moon dates, May through October, which looks like a staircase to the moon reflected on mud flats during low tide)
• Taverns, bars, and clubs
• Tours to see outside of Karratha
• Trekking, Karratha is full of hiking trails so bring your trekking gear!
• Yaburara Heritage Trail with jogging paths and tracks

Hearson’s Cove a Favorite for Tourists and Locals Alike

Since Hearson’s Cove seems to be a favourite hang out, let’s talk a little more about it. If you want to see the mystical optical illusion of the staircase to the moon here, you can find out exactly when you can see it at our visitor centres or the city calendar for events, dates, and times. This mystical attraction is just one of the many reasons to come here.

If you come to Australia, you absolutely must go to the beach. This little cove is precious and a 30-minute drive from Karratha accommodation. Hearson’s Cove is small and sandy with steep hills to the west and south. The beautiful thing about it is it offers excellent swimming at high tide and exposed title flats and low tide. During low tide, you can walk hundreds of meters on the exposed title flats and explore. You never know what you will find when the tide goes down that low. The charming cove with beautiful sand and clear water is perfect for beachcombing and adding to your shell collection.

Swimming season is year round, and the temperature never drops below 20°C/68°F. December, January, February, and March are going to have the highest water temperatures at around 31°C/88°F. For those that love swimming, this is the absolute perfect place to be.

Karratha City Shopping Centre

Karratha City Shopping Centre is the place to go shopping, and we all love a little shopping while on vacation! It’s important to be near to shopping facilities when looking for accommodation in Karratha for a pleasant stay. You never know when the shopping bug may hit or you forgot something when you packed.

You will find everything from clothing to electronics, jewellery, supermarkets, pharmacy, and optometrists. So don’t panic if you lose your glasses! It’s a shopper’s paradise. You can buy souvenirs for yourself or gifts for those at home. I am sure they will appreciate that you thought about them even if it’s one of those typical shot glasses! Some people collect those from around the world.

Enjoy Your Stay in Karratha at the Velocity Motel & Bistro

So you are coming to vacation in beautiful Karratha to enjoy the beach, shopping, and all it has to offer. Let’s talk about why the Velocity Motel & Bistro is the perfect choice for you. We provide our services to individuals, families, business trips, and large parties of people. We are equipped to handle special occasions with family and friends. We also cater to the local community offering short or long stays.

We are the first choice for generous suites and great tasting meals. Conveniently located in Karratha’s light industrial area, it’s only an 8-minute drive to all the bars and restaurants.

Not only are we the lowest price food and lodging here in Karratha but also we are proud of our Velocity Bistro! Here you can dine on succulent beef, poultry, fresh seafood, tasty casseroles, crisp salads, divine vegetables, and delicious desserts. We also have a buffet that is popular with tourists and locals alike. We include all meals in your room rate! You can’t beat that! Not having to eat out all the time will leave you with more money to spend at our local shopping centre! For special events our restaurant can seat up to 300 people, please consult with us in advance for special menu preparations.

We have 47 one bedroom, unsuited apartments and more to come! Walk-in rates for rooms include food and are only $140 per night plus GST. That includes breakfast and a delicious takeaway lunch and dinner. These take away meals are Ideal for having a picnic at the beach or taking along on a trek. Long-term rates are available on application. We equip each room with a fridge, microwave, washing machine, and tea/coffee making facilities. Absolutely everything you need and only 5 km from Karratha Town Centre. It’s so so convenient to do your own laundry when you are away from home. We also provide the following-

• Queen sized beds
• Full air conditioning
• Large widescreen digital TV with Foxtel
• Kitchenette
• Access to an onsite fully equipped gymnasium
• Recreation
• BBQ area (shrimp on the barbie anyone?)

To learn more about Karratha and the Velocity Hotel & Bistro take a look at our blog where we have many exciting things there posted to help you have the best time possible.

Now that you know all there is to know about the beautiful city of Karratha and our lovely Velocity Motel & Bistro give us a call for any further information you may need or to make reservations. Call us at 08-9144-4444 and talk to one of our friendly staff members now.