With brunch/breakfast becoming a staple in the city, breakfast cafes in Karratha are on the rise. With the increase in a number of breakfast Karratha places, we are spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect spot for breakfast. This, however, can make finding that perfect spot for breakfast a hustle. So we decided to put up the best places to have breakfast in Karratha posts. Here you will find spots that serve the best breakfast in Karratha.

Velocity Motel & Bistro

Get to enjoy the very best breakfast Karratha or brunch while you are at Karratha by paying a visit to Velocity Motel & Bistro. They serve up a variety of tasty breakfast meals that are perfect for the whole family. There doors open for breakfast Monday to Saturday between 5:30 am to 7:30 am. If you would like to enjoy your breakfast in a relaxed environment that is sure to free your mind, do set a date with Velocity Motel & Bistro.

My Second Home

  • Location: 1090 De Witt Rd | Inside the Resort & next to the Pool
  • Phone Number: +61 8 9186 0899
  • Reservation: opentable.com.au

One of our favourite southside spot to have breakfast in Karratha, My Second Home serves up tasty fresh breakfast Karratha meals we are sure you are going to love. It’s open for breakfast between 5:30 am to 10:30 am. Some of its standout restaurant features include reservations, takeouts, waitstaff, free off-street parking, outdoor seating and much more.

Jamaica Blue

  • Location: Centro Karratha
  • Phone Number: +61 8 9185 4555
  • Reservation: opentable.com.au

If you are searching for signs that the Jamaica Blue is a perfect spot for breakfast in Karratha then the queues are a perfect indication. With a unique setting, Jamaica Blue serves up scrumptious breakfast meals perfect for everyone. Feel free to try out some of their off-menu treats like ricotta hotcakes and classic blueberry.

Fiorita Deli

  • Location: 1/20 Sharpe Avenue
  • Phone Number: +61 8 6461 6915
  • Reservation: opentable.com.au

Another perfect spot for breakfasts in Karratha is the Fiorita Deli. There are lots of positives with this breakfast Karratha spot. For instance, its design that includes a vast artistic feature that lends a chic funky atmosphere feel. They have many plates to share on their breakfast menu so best guarantee you are going to find the right breakfast meal for you.

Vita Café

  • Location: U 179 26 Sharpe Ave
  • Phone Number: +61 8 9143 0020
  • Reservation: opentable.com.au

This breakfast in Karratha spot has a quirky breakfast menu we are sure you are going to love. It serves up a variety of Asian, Thai and vegetarian breakfast cuisines among other dishes so feel free to try up their vast menu choice. Practical standout features include outdoor seating for those who would love to dine outside. Reservations, wheelchair accessible and takeout are additional features of this breakfast Karratha spot.

Bushlolly Café

    • Location: Karratha Village Shopping Centre
    • Phone Number: +61 8 9185 1953
    • Reservation: opentable.com.au

If you are searching for a family-friendly breakfast in Karratha spot then look no further than this Bushlolly Café. It boasts a variety of family-friendly breakfast meals on their menu that are also perfect for kids. Some of the cuisines they serve up on their breakfast menu include Australian cuisine and meals that are gluten-free, vegetarian and also vegan-friendly.

If you would like to make a reservation at Velocity Motel & Bistro feel free to get in touch with us using Velocity Motel & Bistro phone number available at our contact us page. Furthermore, you can use this contact detail to seek advice on the best places to have your breakfast while you are in Australia.