You’ve just managed to get yourself a cheap accommodation in Karratha now what? What can you do with that money you’ve just saved? Are there some Karratha spots you’ll love to visit? Well, like any other vacation or holiday, you should look into places to visit and things to do. Luckily, Kararatha offers a number of spots to visit and things to do. From scenic landscape areas to various marine parks with different marine life, you are sure to find something to do and visit in Karratha. 

What is arguably a plus about these spots is that they don’t lie in hush-hush secret areas. In fact, you don’t even have to rely on recommendation from friends or family members. You can easily get details on some of the best sites to see and places to visit online. Despite this however, it’s good to note that finding that right spot can prove challenging sometimes. Why? Well, there are just so many recommendations online that make it difficult to settle on one. This is further complicated by their great reviews. 

It is with this in mind that we’ve opted to share with you this post. Below we’ve shared with you details on what to do in a cheap accommodation in Karratha. It’s our hope that this post will help you settle on the right decision. Without further ado, here is what you can do in Karratha.

Pilbara Dive and Tours

Located in Karratha, Western Australia, Australia, Pilbara Dive and Tours is an ideal spot for anyone visiting Karratha. They specialise in offering professional scuba diving experience to both locals and tourists. Their services, although taken up by many, are a top pick for those keen on experiencing the ocean. In addition to their scuba diving service, they offer PADI lessons. If this is something you’ve been holding back for years, a visit to Karratha offers an opportunity to do just that. To really enjoy your experience, we suggest brining a company along with you for the trip.

Millstream-Chichester National Park

Fancy enjoying natural beauty, ancient landscape, rugged ranges, and much more during your stay in Karratha? Well, you can do just that with a trip to Millstream-Chichester National Park. When choosing to visit this spot, timing is very important. You want to ensure that you don’t visit it during the rainy season as it can quickly get muddy. If you happen to be in Karratha and it rains, we suggest waiting a day or two before visiting this spot.

Of importance to note with the Millstream-Chichester National Park, is that you’ll have to do with long drives. How long? Well, you’ll have to leave the Karratha’s centre. To help deal with this, we suggest taking your time on the road. This time on the road can be spent having a picnic with friends while enjoying the rugged beauty it offers.

Barrow Island Marine Park

If you’ve found a cheap accommodation in Karratha and looking to enjoy some peace and quiet while fishing or crabbing, we suggest visiting Barrow Island Marine Park. This marine park is ideal for twi things. One, it offers great never ending sceneries. Two, it’s a perfect spot to nub countless fish and crabs for those out fishing. If you happen to have some company, you can opt to have a picnic lunch at Barrow Island Marine Park. 

Attractions you are likely to see while enjoying your picnic include watching the birds in the estuary. Additional sightings in this park include sea turtles and a variety of tropical marine animals. Fun fact, this park, for years now, acts as a breeding and nesting area for sea turtles.

Ngurrangga Tours

Top on the list of many people visiting Karratha is the Ngurrangga Tours. With this activity, vacationers and holiday makers are given a Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi tour. These two traditional country tours offer a one of a kind experience we are sure you’ll love. Some of the places you’ll visit include Murujuga, rock art sites and the Millstream-Chichester National Parks. 

There is also an option of learning more on Aboriginal songlines, bush food, medicines, and interesting stories. As you can tell already, these activities have a lot to do and see. This makes them ideal for just about anyone in Karratha, whether visiting or not. Better yet, given the number of people involved, you can opt to go solo and still enjoy everything about the tour.

Karratha Visitor Centre

Another ideal place to spend the money you’ve saved from booking a cheap accommodation in Karratha is the Karratha Visitor Centre. One of the benefits associated with this particular spot is the vast number of activities available. If you want to enjoy authentic Karratha meals, we suggest visiting one of their cafes.

There is also an option of getting delicious coffees and milkshakes at the cafe. Visitors have the option of booking a scenic flight on one of their helicopters. Doing this will give you a true scenic view of Karratha. There are also bus tours that you can take up to discover the history of Roebourne, Wickham and Cossack. This includes the Rio Tinto’s Cape Lambert mining history.

Staircase To The Moon

Another must visit site in Karratha is the Staircase To The Moon. Located in Hearson’s Cove, Karratha, Western Australia, Australia, this spot attracts quite a crowd. This one of a kind attraction is located in Hearson Cove, a beautiful beach full of coral and broken shells. In addition to being there for the main attraction, you can take long walks along the beach. There is also an option of setting up a picnic if you happen to have company.

When visiting this beach to watch to this great spectacle, it is advised you make your way to the spot in good time. It can get really busy as well for the main event so making your way early is very important. If you manage to do so, you’ll be able to watch the full moon rise over the tidal flats. Hence witnessing nature at its best as the full moon rises above creating a beautiful water reflection.

Red Earth Arts Precinct

If you are looking for a spot to take your family including kids then look no further than Red Earth Arts Precinct. Not only is it perfectly situated but it has theatre, library, cinema and massive outdoor events space. All this are perfect for families travelling to Karratha. If you are lucky enough to visit the centre during the Red Earth Arts Festival, you’ll be really impressed. In fact, you might just end visiting when an exhibit is on display like the Eyejack art exhibit.

In addition to the facilities it has, this new centre boasts a quite impressive design. It’s outside architecture and colour perfectly captures the surroundings red iron ore landscape. These combined with the red soils and harshness of North West Australia goes to further give it a unique design.


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