Are you in search of a place to stay in Western Australia? Have you at some point lived in Western Australia and was forced to move out due to certain negatives? Well, here are a few reasons why you should come stay in Karratha. 

For years now, the council has made deliberate efforts in revitalising Karratha. A big reason why this is so is the city’s goal of becoming Australia’s most liveable regional city. So what exactly are they doing to make Karratha the most liveable regional city in Australia? Well, that’s what we will be looking at in detail in this post.

The key areas we will look into in detail are;

  • Infrastructure
  • Apartments
  • Amenities


Infrastructure is very important in just about any city. Why? Well, it helps improve several things. For instance, it helps improve connectivity within a city. Taking its importance into account, Karratha’s council has invested big in major capital infrastructure projects. One such project is Sharpe Avenue, Karratha’s main street. Here, the council has invested big in almost every aspect. For starters, the street itself has been extended and new roads built.

In addition, the roads are all upgraded with new footpaths, asphalt and underground services. Furthermore, the council has built Karratha Terrace. This terrace is meant to facilitate better access to the city from different locations. The terrace also allows for better traffic flow across Karratha. The council has also done major rezoning of land in Karratha’s CBD. They’ve done to make it easy for businesses to establish themselves in the CBD. This goes for both small or large business.

Beautiful Apartments

With infrastructure improving in Karratha, investors are developing great apartments at a record pace. And when I say great I truly mean really great apartments. One such apartment in Karratha that’s already turning heads is the Pelago apartments.  So what makes them great? For starters design. With every apartment, you get an eye-catching design in just about every room.

Second is the practicality of the apartments. One thing you’ll note with the new apartments is how practical they are. Whether you are a familiar of two, three, four or five or even a new couple with no kids or single, you’ll find an apartment that’s perfect for you.

Useful Amenities

The council is also taking steps to ensure Karratha has amenities useful to its residents. In other words, the council is looking to build and create amenities that residents can use. Most importantly, amenities they can use to better their lives on a daily basis. One such amenity that’s also a landmark already is Karratha Health Campus. The council has established this health campus in a central location. What this does is make it easy for residents to visit shops and enjoy various business services.

You’ll also find enhanced streetscapes and parks conveniently located in the city. Fun fact about the parks in Karratha, they are now connected to open spaces. This helps transform vacant lots in the city. One park in development that’s sure to add to Karratha’s charm and beauty is the Welcome Park. In addition, Welcome Park will link to Karratha’s art precinct after completion.

For tourists or travellers, there are already plans to add to the beautiful accommodation the city offers. Once such plan is the construction of Hilton Garden Inn, a four star 100-room hotel. This hotel will definitely enhance the beauty that Karratha already has. Furthermore, it will enhance the amenities of the city significantly.

If you are still not sure if you should move to Karratha, we suggest going through Karatha’s Strategic Community Plan 2016-2026. This plan clearly documents actions the city will take in achieving its vision of becoming Australia’s most liveable regional city.

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