Having a stop at Karratha? Planning on staying at Karratha? Better yet, do you enjoy good food and love fine dining? Well, Karratha is going to be a perfect fit for you. Why, well, it has an abundance of wonderful restaurants that you can choose from when having lunch in Karratha. This in mind and our valuable local knowledge, we have chosen to share with you top spots to have lunch in Karratha. We hope this will help you avoid a hit and miss restaurant scenarios during your lunch Karratha visits.

Velocity Motel & Bistro

One of the top spots to have lunch Karratha is Velocity Motel & Bistro. It serves up a superb menu featuring some bitterly cold refreshments. Furthermore, it has a relaxed atmosphere that combines well with the menu they serve up to offer a perfect value your buck. On its menu, you will find fantastic starters, succulent beef and poultry, fresh seafood, tasty casseroles, crisp salads, divine vegetables and delicious desserts. All this makes Velocity Motel & Bistro the best spread you will ever experience.

Bollywood Lounge

Without a doubt, this Bollywood Lounge is one of the best spots to have lunch Karratha. It is popularly known for their Indian dishes that include well-known Indian curries and cuisines. It’s not just Indian dishes, they also do serve up tasty meals like chefs special beef with prawns and lamb Malachi. The ambience is perfect for any occasion any time of the day making it a perfect all day long. Furthermore, they have a takeaway option that sees you receive your food at home or at work. Cuisines at Bollywood Lounge include;

  • Indian
  • Vegan cuisines
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian-Friendly

Standout restaurant features include delivery, reservations, takeouts, waitstaff and seating. They also do have alcohol for those who would prefer to drink.


Empire6714 is a must visit for anyone in Karratha who would love to have lunch in Karratha. This restaurant boasts a casual atmosphere perfect for business meetings and family or friends get together. They have a kids corner where you can leave your kid as you enjoy their delicious cuisines. Speaking of which, Empire6714 offers the following cuisines on their menu;

  • Fusion
  • Café
  • Gluten Free option
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Australian Cuisine

Its standout restaurant features include seating, waitstaff, wheelchair access, free WIFI, seating and street parking. ETC.

Bushlolly Café

If you love yourself some artwork and fine meals then a perfect place to have lunch Karratha is at Bushlolly Café. In addition to its delicious meals, it has become popular with the locals for its eye-catching artwork on the wall. If you settle on having lunch Karratha in Bushlolly Café, you are going to love how the chefs play around with flavours. If you visit Bushlolly Café, make sure you try out their tasty coffee and humungous sausage rolls. It offers a variety of cuisines like;

  • Australian
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten free cuisine
  • Cafe

It’s open 7 days a week and its standout restaurant features include take outs, seating, highchairs and wheelchair accessibility.

Vita CafeIs

A perfect spot for lunch in Karratha, Vita Cafels is perfect for special dining occasions. It also works well with group meetings, family fun-days or even business meetings. In terms of meals, they offer breakfast brunch lunch and dinner all perfectly tailored to your liking. That in mind, Vita Cafels offers the following cuisines on their menu;

  • Asian
  • Thai
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

If you are unsure of a place to have lunch in Karratha feel free to interact with us using our contact details available at Velocity Motel & Bistro contact page. We will use our extensive local knowledge of Karratha to offer the best advice.