Are you planning on travelling to Karratha? If so, then you are going to find this post very useful. In this post, I will be sharing with you everything there is to know about this Western Australian city. In particular, this post will focus on the following areas of importance to any traveller visiting Karratha;

Where Is It?

The first thing I am sure you’ll want to know about this particular city if you are travelling there is location. You’ll want to know where it’s located. This in mind, Karratha is a city located in Western Australia. In particular, it is in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. It first came to be in the 1980s as a place that accommodates people working in the processing and exportation industry.

Since then, it has grown tremendously to become a popular city in Australia. In fact, it is among the top cities to visit for tourists visiting Australia. Fun fact about this particular city is that it was named after a cattle station. Furthermore, the word itself means “soft earth” or “good country”.

How Big Is It?

Now that you have a small brief about this beautiful Western Australian city, it’s time to focus on its size. In terms of population, this city has an urban population of just about 16,000. Speaking of urban, this city has a total of 9 main urban suburbs. This nine are Karratha City Centre, Millars Well, Pegs Creek, Bulgarra, Baynton West, Baynton, Nickol West, Nickol, Tambrey and Karratha Industrial Estate. With an increase in population and demand for housing, the number of suburbs in the city is on the rise. There has also been an increase in the number of villages. One such example is the Baynton West. Another one of these new suburbs is the Mulataga.

Where To Stay While In The City & Top Attractions

This Western Australian city has a vast number of activities to do while there. Also high on the list is the number of places to visit while in the city. These include places like historical sites, natural attractions to the very best in cultural attractions. To help you not miss out on everything that this city has to offer you ought to know where to go and do. That said, below is a list of three top places to visit and places to stay while in this Western Australian city.

  • Karratha Visitor Centre
  • Yinjaa Barni Art
  • Roebourne Visitor Centre & Old Gaol Museum
  • Ibis Styles Karratha
  • Discovery Parks – Pilbara, Karratha
  • Velocity Motel & Bistro

Karratha Visitor Centre

High on your list of things to do or places to visit while in this expansive city is the Karratha Visitor Centre. This particular attraction is very popular with many tourists and locals alike and for good reason. In terms of numbers, thousands of tourists visit this visitor’s centre on a yearly basis. One of the reasons why it’s a fan favourite for many is the fact that it has a lot to offer. In particular, this place has lots of museums, hotels, cafes and art galleries. If you are not sure where to start, a better option is seeking help from the locals. If you are not able to do so, a local tour guide will be a perfect choice.

Yinjaa Barni Art

If you are an art lover and travelling to this city there is one place you must visit, Yinjaa Barni Art. Known to have started back in 2007, this attraction site gives art lovers a place where they can feel excited and happy. Why? Well, it has a number of great arts available on display. One of the main reasons why this is so is the way they operate. They do encourage artists all over the city, women or men, to submit their pieces. Fancy knowing an interesting fact about Yinjaa Barni Art? Well, it was gradually formed by a group of artists who came together at a church hall.

Roebourne Visitor Centre & Old Gaol Museum

Another attraction site near Karratha that’s worth exploring is the Roebourne Visitor Centre & Old Gaol Museum. What we personally love about this particular site is that it has plenty of activities you can do. Even better, a number of tour companies offer special trips to various attractions at this site. You’ll only need to part way with a few dollars.

Ibis Styles Karratha

If you are looking for an ideal place to stay while in this city then look no further than Ibis Styles Karratha. In addition to being in a prime location, this hotel is very expansive. It has a total of 47 hotel rooms, licenced restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool just to mention a few. Its design is also worth mentioning as it’s impeccable. If you choose to live at this hotel you’ll be close to the central business district. Furthermore, banks business, offices and shopping centres are walking distance from it.

Discovery Parks

If you fancy staying at a resort then Discovery Parks is ideal for you. Some of its key amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, a children playground and BBQ facilities. Its location is also perfect. If you stay at Discovery Parks, you’ll be close to the Karratha Golf Course and Pilbara Coast. There is also a games room, a guest laundry, a camp kitchen as well as an internet kiosk.

Velocity Motel & Bistro

Our personal favourite, Velocity Motel & Bistro is an ideal place to stay while in Karratha. In terms of location, this hotel is at the city’s light industrial area. This is just minutes away from the city centre if you want to head there for a quick meet. It has 47 rooms in total that allow for a long or short-term stay. A plus about these rooms is they are clean, bright and very spacious. Additional features that are a plus include the inclusion of meals on the room rate and a gym facility.

How Is The Weather In This City?

This Western Australian city has a hot semi-arid climate perfect for outdoor activities. Temperatures here are normally warm to hot from January to January. It does, however, receive light rainfall from time to time. In particular, it receives low rainfall in late summer. This is usually as a result of the monsoon and tropical cyclones. Key here is that there is very little rain falling in this city all year long. If you are planning on travelling to this city during summer, note that it can quickly become unusually hot and dry.

If you are planning a trip to Karratha, get in touch with our team at Velocity Motel & Bistro. We’ll give you the perfect accommodation in the city while offering great advice on the city’s top attractions. You can contact us over the phone using 08 9144 4444. If you would like to send us an email, do so to this email address